Saturday, March 19, 2011


ARSENAL..this is the gunner...
Well, all my friend know me as fan of Arsenal. So, don't ever think to convert me to other football club ya...INGAT....

Just now, i saw arsenal match with west bromwich albion. For the first half, honestly, arsenal played like someone who just started playing PES 2010. Well, here one of my friend said that"arsenal men macam sial11...", and then i said to him, "sabar, magic going to happen after second half. Second half begin and that time arsenal score some goal and then tied the score with 2-2.See, i already told, magic going happened during second half,"aie..ko cayak x?...haaa..."

So, never ever or ever ever after, i support for other football club than ARSENAL.. I still believed that THE INVINCIBLE will happen next season or next next next....but still, this match make me frustrated a bit cuz i want to see some winning from ARSENAL...waaaaa...tolong la menang!!

Bla..bla..bla... I LOVE ARSENAL....

Line up arsenal team during the era of THE INVINCIBLE 

Arsenal player for this season

This is the DIE HARD FAN ARSENAL which is my friend. AIYIE...hahaha


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