Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Sunday...

It's sunday and the end of a weekend. Well, after this got no time to online. Ya la, i got test on tuesday and friday, doing tutorial and so on. So ending this week, let's rep up what just happened to me this week.

- nothing special on this day just a busy class and bla..bla..bla..

- well, honestly i hate tuesday, Starting from 8-6..that is my time table..."holy SHIT"... but, already get used of it

- This day i started learning Virtual Dj, wow.. I want to learned how to mixing, looping, and so on. hahah...Then, on this day, i skipped class, so it's just liked a public holiday for me. HAHAHA...Miss, sory ek tak turun,even dah tau ada kuiz..HAHAHA...

- why?????? MY laptop going stupid and crazy and DEAD. Meaning, it's broken already, OR ROSAK.... Gerrrr, My laptop.. one of my life and most important gadget for me. ABAH,beli baru...please...... hahaha... 

- Haaa... well. i already told what happened on this day. my eyes suddenly freeze for a moment and saw someone during lunch. lalala... don't want to talked much on this day. Next friday ya, Kita makan sama di kantin, INGAT..INI PLAN MESTI BERJAYA....HAHAHA... By the way, I started to blogging and using twitter, hahaha....just check thru my fb.

Saturday And Sunday
- ENJOY...that's all i can express for this two week. LALAl...ya lo, IT's weekend,so everybody deserved to relax and enjoy their weekend.

Arh...almost forgot, i already updated my song on my blog. Hahaha..first song which is ROCKY theme song. six song on my playlist, any suggestion for new song,just leave your comment k. 

So, wish me luck for my test next week, i got two test, statistic and calculus. And JACKASS 3D, Triple thumb up, hahaa...for those who not open minded, don't see this movie.

nuts and ..... hahaha...RATED (PA) -parental advisory-



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