Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yahoo... it's monday already and a new week just started for me and for everybody too.

And by the way, those picture above this, isn't it nice? for me,it's a art. I like it and thinking i want to buy a camera dlsr or what ever it's name. Snap some picture and share it in my blog.Later i ask my parents to buy a camera for me...hehehe*saya mahu kamera...

There something bother in my head now,so kinda hard to sleep at this time.Later or after this,dreamland and some pillow + blanket = SLEEPING...ya2 i go to sleep la...

Honestly, yesterday was a boring + nothing to do + lonely + blur + act stupid = SUNDAY. I don't know why yesterday was a very-very boring sunday for me. Never mind, already forgot it.I HATE IT.

Cehhtt... I think i solve my problem now...well, how i do it? just do by your own. You got your own way how to solve it..duh!...

Off set and signing off. Huahua


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