Saturday, March 19, 2011


Saturday..great day today. Enjoy and hang out with my friend. Well, just sitting in front of pc, for two days, wow.... *get a life nabil.... hahaha...
so, today... going to spring with banu,syamel,and nizam. Then meet azmi, teng and some other friend that i meet today. Hahahaha...great and i have fun today. Never feeling great just like today. Ya la, doesn't had time to go out, hang out and lepak with friend. 

And tomorrow sunday, and then monday. pfffttt~~~....i hate to start a new week when i still want to enjoy. Well, that goes my life, monday- friday fill with classes and quiz or test or assignment . Wait the minute, friday...yes...i like next friday. Jeng2...what happen on that day..?? so wait for the next friday...kahkah...

Haaa... for my best friend eifah adilah..happy birthday to you and may you enjoy with ur love one. Jangan gadoh2 or ape....kang aku jugak tempat ko ngadu..KAHAKHA... no present yer..ko dh besar.

I want my life back, back 4 years ago, when i still enjoying my life. Not thinking of anybody or taking other person feeling, you know what i meant??haaa..., great and ending this saturday with a smile..


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