Sunday, March 20, 2011

White Dove and A Crow

Story about a crow and a white dove

one day, a crow fly freely at some places without any purpose. In mean time, some other bird fly with their couple and make the crow upset.

Later, the crow saw a white dove at a park and immediately fly to the white dove. So the crow asked the white dove;

Crow: " would you be my couple for accompany me fly this park"

White dove: "sure, but you a crow, i'm a dove. I would fly with you if you turn me into red color"

Crow: "I would do it,but please give me a time"

So, the crow tear his body with it's beak and it's blood splash to the feather of the dove. The dove turn to red color due to the blood from the crow. In mean time, the crow fell down and saw the dove turn red for the last.

The white dove try to waked the crow but the crow never waked up. It's too late for the dove to said that the crow doesn't had to do such action. The dove will fly with the crow as the dove know that,the crow is honestly asked the dove to fly with the crow..

 p/s: this story i found from someone blog...lalal...i don't know..just surf it. So..enjoy it,*layan jiwang before tido dan tambah picture...hahaha... 



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