Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coffee in the morning...

Welcome to Huahua talkshow again....Wow,it's friday and how do you start your day???

Some people starting their day with coffee.Nice,same goes to me,start the day with coffee.So do you know what type of coffee,i meant..the recipe for coffee.Here some of example that i already taste.


Haa...cappuccino,who doesn't know cappuccino? cappuccino is the most popular coffee in the world. Great and light taste i think, but ya..cappuccino taste nice.Even, cappuccino are one fo the most popular types of espresso drink.Light and foamy coffee which cappuccinos are only espresso and foam,but the liquid milk that create the foam.Skillful barista can create a nice foam when making cappuccino.


latte has a bit familiar with cappuccino but it's contain more foamed milk which more milkier than cappuccino.Same with cappuccino,but the amount of foamed milk create more foamy and heavier than cappuccino but still persevered the taste of the coffee.One of most popular coffee and easy to make than cappuccino.



Ok, this is the usually coffee drink by all people around the world.Well,it's a regular coffee and it fine with all kind of recipe.Well, i usually take this as my morning breakfast drink,haha...I'ts perfectly or suitable with all type recipe such as hot or cold coffee. 

Ok,that's all i can listed for now...cuz to many coffee in the world.But three of this,i already taste it...STARBUCKS la...where else...kahkah..
well, i'm a coffee lover and coffee start my day everyday.

So,see ya'all at my next post and happy reading...derr...

p/s: sorry about my English, just my style...dat's all...Huahua

Huahua signing off 


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